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Membership Agreement for Inner Circle Coaching Club: I understand I am purchasing a membership in the Fast Track Coaching Club Program during which I may elect to cancel my membership without any further obligation. Should I elect to cancel for any reason during this period, I must do so in writing to Lighthouse Education, Inc, 1603 Capitol Ave. Suite 310 A413 Cheyenne, Wyoming 82001 or by email to and that a verbal cancellation or cancellation through a third party will not be accepted. You can also cancel at I understand I will not be charged for the first month of membership into the program. Thereafter, my credit card will be billed $47.17 per month until I elect to cancel my membership in writing, as detailed above. You MUST CANCEL your subscription before the 1st of each month in order to avoid that month's billing. Sorry NO REFUNDS on charges already incurred. I further understand and give permission to Lighthouse Education, LLC , Inc. to fax, email, mail and call me with updates on their programs.

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